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22 Feb 14 at 8 pm


Dutch cap historic speedskating run with two golds in team pursuits

Netherlands’ speedskating dominance – now at 23 medals after Saturday’s men’s and women’s team pursuit finals – has had an architectural impact on the Holland Heineken House, the gathering spot for Dutch athletes, citizens and supporters at the Winter Games.


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21 Feb 14 at 12 pm


Jorrit Bergsma wins gold in men’s 10,000m speed skate

Dutch team sweeps podium

18 Feb 14 at 7 pm


Jorien ter Mors wins 1,500 speed skating as Dutch sweep medals again

It was also a third speed skating medal sweep in Sochi for the Dutch after the men completed the feat in the 500 and 5,000m.


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16 Feb 14 at 9 am


King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima cheer on the Netherlands at Sochi Winter Olympics

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands were spotted cheering on their country at the Sochi Winter Olympics held in Russia.

Watching from the sidelines at both men and women’s ice skating events, the royal couple were clearly enjoying themselves as they soaked up the vibrant atmosphere.

Willem-Alexander, 46, and Máxima, 42, jumped up in unison to applaud the Dutch athletes competing in the races and looked thrilled when the Netherlands scooped three medals for the men’s speed skating on the first day.



anyone else feel hella uncomfortable about how self-rightous the US is being about Russia’s anti-gay policies during the olympics?

in my state its still perfectly legal to fire someone for their sexuality and the government basically doesn’t realize that trans people exist

shut the fuck up

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14 Feb 14 at 5 pm


Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

Fuck you, tumblr. 

Andrei Bolkonsky/Pierre Bezukhov

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10 Feb 14 at 6 pm

Irene Wust of the Netherlands celebrates after winning Women’s 3000m Speed Skating at Adler Arena Skating Center in Sochi, Russia.

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een, twee, drie :)
09 Feb 14 at 8 pm


Dominance begins: Netherlands sweeps men’s 5,000

SOCHI, Russia — In the world of men’s speed skating — and in the long-distance races in particular — the rest of the world is chasing the Netherlands, a country that views Olympic dominance as a quadrennial birthright

10 Aug 12 at 11 pm


Gold medal match Woman’s Hockey Olympics 2012

Netherlands 2-0 Argentina

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