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17 Feb 14 at 5 pm

So whilst in München/Munich, my future-boss decided to humour me by taking me to go see Possenhofen, the summer castle of Sisi’s family at Lake Starnberg. This castle was deemed “beggar-like” by Viennese society. Elisabeth’s lady-in-waiting, Countess Marie Festetics, liked Possenhofen. Brigitte Hamann described the Countess’ views on Possenhoven as follows:

The Countess was especially enthusiastic about the situation of the little castle on Lake Starnberg. She extolled the moonlight on the calm waters and the birdsong that woke her from sleep in the mornings: “they rejoiced as if it were spring - I rushed to the window - the view is delightful, deep, deep blue the waters - a paradise of trees, and green all over, and across the lake, on the other side, handsome mountains - everything loveliness and sun - the garden filled with flowers - the old house wreathed in wild vines and ivy - so poetic - so beautiful.” And the lady-in-waiting, who loved her Empress, continued: “yes, her home could not be otherwise, to allow her dreaminess, her love of nature - to develop to this extent!”

Nowadays Possenhofen Castle is private property, though you can still walk around the castle and enjoy the nature. At Possenhofen train station there’s a Sisi-memorial and a museum.

20 Nov 13 at 10 pm

Schade um Sie, Mozart. Jetzt ist es aus mit Ihnen.

Nein, ich fange erst an! Jetzt bin ich frei!

This is the result of Mozart rebelling against a bad employment at Count Colloredo’s, saying Colloredo stole his time & money, and treated him like a slave.. upon which Colloredo has someone kick Mozart out (literally).

19 Aug 13 at 6 pm

I’m back from Budapest. Here’s some pictures of our highlights.

Anjaaaaa I miss youuuu.

(also I won’t really catch up with Tumblr forgive me~)