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16 Dec 13 at 5 pm


do you think he knew because i think he knew and it keeps me up sobbing at night.

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08 Dec 13 at 5 pm


The lack of fucks he gives combined with the level of sass he practically sweats is the reason I love Nine more than anything.

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30 Sep 13 at 4 pm

I’m so glad I met you. Me too.

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I’m so glad I met you. Me too.
20 Sep 13 at 7 pm

Bad Wolf Meme: Relationships or Friendships [1/3]

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05 Sep 13 at 11 am

doctor who meme:  first who episode you ever watched

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02 Sep 13 at 11 am

Good ol’ Nine

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11 Aug 13 at 10 am


Doctor Who dictionary

Bad Wolf /bædˈwʊlf/: Entity created after Rose Tyler looked directly into the Heart of the TARDIS, becoming a time-vortex enhanced human being. Incredibly powerful, capable of seeing the whole of time and space and modify it at will, scatter the words “Bad Wolf” to different periods and places, control and divide each atom of another being’s existence, bring back to life and give immortality to the already dead.

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