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24 Dec 13 at 10 am

The best of Nine (1/?)

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16 Dec 13 at 5 pm


do you think he knew because i think he knew and it keeps me up sobbing at night.

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08 Dec 13 at 5 pm


The lack of fucks he gives combined with the level of sass he practically sweats is the reason I love Nine more than anything.

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30 Sep 13 at 4 pm

I’m so glad I met you. Me too.

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I’m so glad I met you. Me too.
20 Sep 13 at 7 pm

Bad Wolf Meme: Relationships or Friendships [1/3]

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05 Sep 13 at 11 am

doctor who meme:  first who episode you ever watched

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02 Sep 13 at 11 am

Good ol’ Nine

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