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25 Jul 12 at 9 pm
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I don’t have Photoshop either, so it’s been a bit of a learning curve for me too. I do edit all my caps before making a gif, but have yet to attempt to crop any. I think I’m a bit better at it now than I was, though.

I don’t always edit my caps.. which is for one reason: I once edited all the caps, and then the gif got too big and I couldn’t solve it easily. :( Ugh. But I just don’t think it’s worth spending shittons on money for Adobe CS5 for. Making gifs should be fun, after all. I do, I hope you do too. :) And you’re right, I think you’ve improved too :D Practice makes perfect?

  1. stellar-raven said: Oh yes. I enjoy doing it very much, too. :D One thing I figured out about too big gifs is you can sometimes go back and delete every other frame, then adjust the speed of the gif. And thanks! :D
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