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Woah, what? That’s madness!

I know!! Maybe we’re thinking of different things though.. but they charge 1.3x the dollar price. That’s why I’ve only bought one comics in the stores here (Thor: Wolves Of The North).

But it’s the same in the Netherlands though! I wanted to buy Thor: Son Of Asgard, actually found it in the store for like 35 Euros.. and ordered it for 8,75 Euros on TheBookDepository. Madness. Absolute madness. 

Last time I checked the prices in out comic book shop they were always just a few Euros above the price you pay online. Like 20 Euros, instead of 15, but 50 is crazy!

But! This is the one I’m talking about:

You can find it here.

Maybe the one you saw collected all of the Marvel Masterworks editions?

I didn’t see this earlier, gomen nasai!

But no, those prices were just actually insane. I must admit I named the most insane of prices, but then comics are never cheap anyways.

And now I’m not sure which edition I saw, exactly. It was something with Masterworks. Maybe I should check.. but it’s too hot to go outside now. Perhaps tomorrow and then I’ll get back to you. :’)